Mirari Opera

Web Design
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mirari (mīrārī)
verb, latin
to be surprised, look in wonder at

Web Design proposal for an opera company that seeks to bring new and classic opera repertoire to local audiences. The design optimizes the user experience by organizing content and incorporating stunning graphics that tell the organization's story and mission.

The main focus was to communicate the rich audio visual experience of attending the opera through colorful, prominent imagery. The layout emphasizes current shows through a cleaner, more organized navigation and eye-catching graphics.

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In-depth show view

Each show has a dedicated page with tabbed navigation to allow users to learn more about the show, cast and creative team.

madame show view.gif

Quick and accessible way to buy tickets

Buy tickets buttons are featured prominently throughout the page. Users have the opportunity to purchase  from the show page,
as well as from the dedicated page at the navigation menu. 

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Compelling mission page

The about page features a sub-navigation menu to display the history of the organization, as well as an archive of past productions and featured press articles.