Rein in Sarcoma brand refresh

Identity, Creative Direction

Rein in Sarcoma, is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 dedicated to providing support for sarcoma patients and encourage sarcoma research.

Currently  one of the most important sarcoma organizations in the Midwest, the organization was in need of a consistent brand to reflect their new goals and support their growth. 

logo sketch RIS.jpg


The process considered the organization's current and prospective growth patterns over the next decade. Board members, volunteers and other stakeholders were surveyed on their vision of the organization for the next years, as well as the qualities and attributes they though the foundation should convey.

"Rein in Sarcoma should convey hope, reliability and authenticity within the community"


"In 2025, Rein in Sarcoma would be regarded as one of the most important organizations dedicated to sarcoma research and education in the US."



Based on our research findings we decided to keep the carousel horse as it is an important symbol for the Rein in Sarcoma community,


Focusing on cleaner lines, the new logo is a fresh take on a symbol that represents the organization's origins and legacy. With a fresh, modern look. the new logo remains identifiable by those who've been involved in the organization for almost two decades.



Name and tagline

Formerly Karen Wyckoff Rein in Sarcoma Foundation, the name update was a very important part of the process. Rein in Sarcoma is a more memorable name that resonates with today's social media dynamic.


A tagline was introduced to make a strong statement about the organization's ultimate goal and mission: “Increase awareness. Increase survivors”.

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Brand guidelines

To ensure brand consistency, a brand guideline manual was produced, which details every aspect for the use of their brand in print and online communications. These  ensure that their communication materials always stay updated, current, and consistent across channels.


Implementation in
social media

An important goal of the organization was to engage a wider online audience and increase their social media presence. The new identity was launched in early March across all their social media channels, along with a social gathering later that month. This was a great way to gather first-hand feedback from followers.

facebook cover pic_2x.png

Annual Report

With a clear brand direction established, the new identity was officially revealed on their 2016 Annual Report. I executed the design of the annual report using the new brand guidelines.