Urban Paws

Web Design

Proposed concept for pet store website focusing on efficient navigation, marketing real estate to prioritize seasonal campaigns and top products, as well as a simplified checkout process.

Two screens.jpg

Efficient Navigation

User research shows that users prefer to shop by pet rather than product. A main navigation organized by pet makes it easy for the user to find products.


Marketing Real Estate

Designed  to allow for various marketing campaigns  to be promoted at the same time. A carousel banner features main campaigns, and four half banners at the bottom of the page feature other campaigns.

Marketing Real Estate.gif

Top Products​

The layout was designed to showcase featured products on the home page and organize information in a way that aligns with marketing initiatives.


Research showed that the majority of pet owners have dogs and cats, so dedicated links were also included for users who don't usually use the main navigation menu.


Customer Support​

A live support button was added to the experience to help users to connect with costumer support at any time during the experience. 

Customer Support.gif

Simplified Purchase Flow

To address the issue of users adding products to their cart, but not completing the purchase, the checkout process was simplified and options were added to allow users to edit the quantity of an item from the checkout screen.

Purchase flow.gif

Subscribe and Save

To boost customer loyalty, an option to subscribe to periodically auto-ship a product was added on the checkout page with the shipping information. 

Subscribe and Save.gif
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